Emerging technology, disruptive innovators, increasing connections, intensifying customer expectations?
With mistakes more visible, how do you catch the serious ones before the results cause you pain?

What: Transformation with technology is getting harder

The business world is increasingly challenging: fast moving, unpredictable, competitive and often hostile. It’s so complex that experts coined a new word for it: VUCA. Top innovators say organisations must change or die. But change itself is hard and becoming harder. The technology is new and often unreliable. New players emerge every day. With more information and more choice, how do you decide what to focus on and who to trust?

You must maintain business as usual for now and keep the competition at bay. You also need to introduce new technology, and prepare your organisation and its people for a different future.

So What: Everyone makes mistakes, how do you minimise them?

Every change program involves the risk of failure. Mistakes happen and we can’t avoid them. In fact, every successful entrepreneur across history, as well as today, proclaims the power of learning as they innovate.

The real question is: how do you catch mistakes before they hurt your reputation and your share price? As technology makes us more connected, change programs touch more and more people. The risks are getting bigger. Change programs that fail and/or introduce major errors are more common and increasingly visible.

Mistakes are part of the program journey. To be successful, you need to predict the challenges, detect and pivot from mistakes early and build learning into success. You can’t leave the implementation solely to the program teams. As business leaders, you need to increasingly take ownership and ensure that the program teams are set up and supported for success.

What Next: Predict, pre-empt and recover from mistakes

Our highly skilled team has over 100 years of experience with complex technology and transformational change programs at all levels between us. We’ve seen and worked on programs that succeed, fail and everything between. We haven’t always got it right. But we’ve learned an enormous amount from our mistakes and those of others.

Our blend of business leadership, technology, transformation and audit skills helps us to help you find and build the right capabilities when you need them; to ask better questions and see behind the obvious to the real risks and issues. As The Adaptive People, we have developed flexible tools and support programs to make finding and dealing with change risk easier.