About Us

Our Mission

About The Adaptive People

We are a group of independent management consultants with collectively over 100 years of project management experience. We are keen to share that experience, together with the results of our research, to assist you to improve your program outcomes.

Major change programs that introduce new and often innovative technology are becoming increasingly complex. It is no longer simply about delivering on time and budget. The outcomes are more visible. Programs that interact with and/or significantly impact customers and the public must deliver reliability and results in a high expectation marketplace. The job is getting tougher. The challenge is to lift everyone’s skills in the process.

Our Values

We believe in having more constructive conversations between the business, the technology and their partners, giving everyone a better understanding of issues and solutions; achieving better outcomes for everyone. We have worked for all types of organisations, across many industries, for long enough that we know what works. Our core values are the foundation of the service we provide.

Real talk, not consultant speak.

We are straight talkers who deliver. We work with simple, practical language, not gobbledygook. The models we use are only as complex as they need to be to aid understanding and progress. We aim for common understanding of the problem to ensure solutions are accepted and add value.

Every client and project is unique.

We listen and use our experience rather than an ‘out of the box’ methodology. We listen and learn first to understand a client’s needs and situation before we suggest solutions. We have great tools and valuable experience but understand the need to be adaptive to the times, people and circumstances.

In and out, unless you ask us to stay.

We love building strong, lasting relationships with our clients. But we won’t sit on your doorstep or pester you for work. We are there when you need us and when you don’t we are a call away. We believe in the value of teaching others to be self-reliant as well as passing on their new skills within their organisations.

Debate delivers dividends.

We won’t always agree with you. We will raise questions respectfully and explain our point of view with data and examples. We will take your concerns and questions on board. Together we can come to better conclusions than each alone.

Your outcomes, our satisfaction.

We are happiest when our clients get outcomes beyond their expectations. We have watched past clients and people we have mentored soar beyond their expectations. We want you and your people to do the same. We are passionate about building better organisations through increasing capability. We recognise that people do not come to work to do a bad job!

Our scars, your success.

We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes so you don’t have to. We’ve learned a lot in our lifetimes. We’ve made our share of mistakes and been witness to others. We’ve also worked with great organisations and people, and learned from them as they learned from us. We have the scars and the smiles and want to share both.

What We Do

Change programs that take advantage of technology and innovation provide the opportunity to build better, more capable organisations with more engaged, more capable people. These new world organisations are not just re-sprayed versions of the old brands. Organisations that achieve this type of transformation are better for their customers, their people and the world. We gain enormous satisfaction from being a part of that.

We at The Adaptive People have worked for and with all types of organisations, across many industries. We have seen good and bad and the outcomes of each over time. We have both seen and made mistakes, learning an enormous amount from both. We are keen to pass on this knowledge through our services, which focus on helping you to avoid mistakes upfront and learn from them on your program journey.

Better understanding … better outcomes.
We may not have all the answers, but we are able to ask the most important questions. We can also help you find the answers through better questions and better understanding. We have worked for and with some incredible people and organisations as well as others that needed a lot of help.

Our experience … increased capabilities for your organisation.
In the process we have acquired capabilities ranging across the spectrum of technology, process and people as well as business management and leadership. Each of us has broad skills across these disciplines as well as our own deep ‘spikes’.

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